Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TightScrew Tension Rods Now Available In Convenient 4-Packs

Revolutionary TightScrew Tension Rods Now Available
In Convenient 4-Packs With Free Tuning Guide.

Drummer/inventor Carl Scott has announced that TightScrews—the advanced drum tension rods with the patented nylon insert—are now available in convenient 4-packs that also include a free copy of the company’s “Tune Like A Pro, Sound Like A Pro” drum tuning guide. Used by leading drummers, drum techs and drum builders, TightScrews are an upgrade for every drum that allow precise tuning and prevent de-tuning in any drumming situation. The attractive, new packaging provides an easy, affordable way for drummers to replace their conventional tension rods with TightScrews in order to consistently achieve and maintain a professional, studio-quality drum sound.

Offered in a selection of sizes to fit most standard drum sizes, types and models, each pack of TightScrews also features a multi-page drum tuning guide with suggested tuning techniques as well as sequential tuning diagrams for 5, 6, 8 and 10 lug drums.

TightScrews are sold at leading online and local drumshops. For more information, please contact TightScrew at P.O. Box 12815, Casa Grande, AZ 85130, 877.615.5282, sales@tightscrew.com, www.tightscrew.com.

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